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I'm a Harvard graduate who has worked for 16 years as a professional private tutor of SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement Exams, and College Admissions.

Over my career I have helped some 600 bright young people--all one-on-one--take their high school exams, compose their college entrance essays, and gain admission to some of the country's most prestigious universities.

I love my job and take pride in my work. I draw from the energy and positivity of diligent students just as they draw from my experience and enthusiasm for teaching. I keep in touch with students many years after instruction, and am thrilled to see their success in university and beyond, as can be seen on the "Results" page of my website.

I always offer a free consultation about the testing and admissions process.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Remote tutoring works great! I use a tablet and record Zoom sessions for later review. Here's what it looks like:

How a Typical Program Works

Early 11th grade: learn the content of the SAT or ACT—individual mathematics topics, rules of grammar, strategies for reading, and a specific format for the essay—in weekly sessions over two to four months

Middle 11th grade: take several timed practice exams to hone skills and strategy, and go over them together in subsequent meetings to identify and ameliorate problem areas

Winter/Spring 11th grade: take SAT and/or ACT twice

Spring 11th grade: take two or three SAT Subject Tests (MathII is most teachable and time-intensive)

Summer/Fall 12th grade: organize, compose, and edit college entrance essays

Fall 12th grade: retake exam(s) if needed, and finalize college applications